Manager Resources

Welcome ride managers!  

Good news: WDRA does not charge managers any fees!  We know how hard it is to put on a ride, and fees are the last thing you need.  HOWEVER, it is important that you know how to submit your results so that we can record them.

WDRA is a non-profit, driven 100% by volunteers.  There is no one “running the back office” to organize a pile of messy numbers, if your results are not submitted properly, they will not be recorded.

THE FIRST STEP is creating a proper registration form for your riders to fill out.  You must collect WDRA membership numbers at registration!  If you are dually sanctioned, for example an event that is both AERC and WDRA, then your form should collect Rider names, rider AERC #s, and rider WDRA #s, Horse names, Horse AERC #s, Horse WDRA #s.  Without those numbers, you will not know whose results to report to each organization.

Build a spreadsheet with the information you collect at registration.  Below is a link to a spreadsheet.  Click on it and copy-paste the COLUMN HEADERS at the top in to your own spreadsheet, then just populate the columns.  These column headers may also enlighten you as to what information you should be collecting on your registration forms.

When you are done with this spreadsheet, just email it to

Hint:  If you are dually sanctioned, I recommend creating multiple tabs on your spreadsheet.  A master spreadsheet, with ALL information, and then 2 tabs, each uniquely suited for the organizations that you are reporting to.  This idea is explained further on the spreadsheet link below.  Click it and get started!  Please email ride with any questions.