Tonya Stroud

People ask me “Why Endurance”? Why do I do a sport  that takes so much time and energy? I always reply “This is the one sport that you can have any size, make or model of horse/rider and enjoy your time together going down the trail”. I started endurance as a Jr rider in the late 70’s with my dad and I thought I was the luckiest  person in the world to be doing something that I loved with my horse and to be doing this with my dad. I have always been thankful that endurance is a place where you can set your own personal  goals and then set out to meet them.  I have spent time on the trail enjoying  time with my partner and great friends, raced to the finish and  turtled to the end because all those options have been available to me through endurance.  This is what I want to be able to pass on to our future generations of endurance riders.

Whether I am riding, volunteering,  managing or working as a board member to better the organization I always put my all into making endurance the best that it can be.  This is why I believe that the Western Distance Riders Alliance is a opportunity for people to return to the grass roots of Endurance because we strive to include all aspects of  endurance riders and their journeys.  The passion that is shown by  endurance riders; to strive for longevity of our horses, in our sport is what endurance truly means to me.

I welcome you to your next  journey in endurance with The Western Distance Riders Alliance and hope that you will continue to excel with the partnership you have created with your horse.

Tonya Stroud-Oaks