Tom Noll

Thank you for your interest in the Western Distance Riders Alliance.  I support all aspects of distance riding and I have ridden many miles in many different events.  I have over 10,000 AERC miles and I have ridden 100s.  I have finished Tevis, the Big Horn 100, the Vermont 100, the AERC National Championship 100, and others.  I have raced and I have ridden to finish.  I have completed multi-day rides, epic cross country rides, ride and tie, mounted orienteering, and more.  I rode across the west with two horses on the Pony Express Trail as part of the 2011 XP.  But even more than those rides and those miles, I support cooperation.  Distance riding is so much more than any one venue, club, or organization.  I support the WDRA because the WDRA is an alliance of all distance riders offering riders and ride managers a way to expand their participation in distance riding, a way for riders and ride managers to experiment with new event formats, a way for us to join together, and a way for all distance riders and distance horses to be recognized for their accomplishments.  I hope to meet you and your horse out on the trails together so we can all Ride On!