Kerry Redente

I’ve been riding horses since I was seven.  I’ve participated in many different disciplines from the show ring to riding on a working cattle ranch. The one discipline I have enjoyed the most and have continued with is endurance riding.  Endurance riding provides the opportunity to accomplish what I feel to be the most important, a true communication and connection with my horse.  No other sport requires such an extended amount of time and distance over such varied terrain. I have completed almost 19,000 miles and ridden in all AERC regions and have traveled more of this country on horseback than some people have in their automobiles.   

 I believe in what WDRA is trying to accomplish, a record keeping organization to track each endurance rider’s accomplishments.  WDRA is not a sanctioning organization and as such it is not in competition with AERC.  WDRA has simplified and basic rules, essentially leaving the power and authority to the ride managers. The goal of WDRA is to keep the sport of endurance alive and to encourage riders to go out and do what they love to do, RIDE!