Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

WDRA is a record keeping organization. We keep records for our members as they participate in various equine distance riding events. Some events that you attend will have nothing to do with WDRA. Some events may be sanctioned by one of the major distance organizations and will offer events that the major organization is not interested in offering. Some events will be stand alone endurance events that are not sanctioned by anyone. WDRA will record your achievements for these unsanctioned events if they are managed by a WDRA member. The first thing you need to do is join the WDRA. When you do that you will record your mileages from AERC, EDRA, NATRC and any other recognized distance riding event. There are several ways your mileage will get recorded with WDRA.

1. If you are attending a ride that is being managed by a WDRA Ride Manager that manager will report the accomplishments of the WDRA members to the WDRA points secretary and you will not have to do anything else.

2. If your are attending an AERC, EDRA, NATRC or other qualifying event in which the manager is not a WDRA member you will have to report your results to the WDRA points secretary yourself.