Dr. Dave Nicholson

Here comes the Duck and Hell rides with him

I have been involved in equine distance riding events for almost 60 years. 

My first endurance ride was the Tevis in 1962.  The Tevis was an annual event for me until my duties as the Wyoming Racing Commission veterinarian prevented me from taking off in the middle of the racing season. That taught me the lesson to never let your job get in the way of what’s really important in life.   Back in the sixties, prior to AERC the NATRC was the way most of us in the west trained for Tevis.  Sometime around 1968 I won the NATRC Presidents Cup but my focus was always more on the less structured endurance rides.  When Phil, Kathy and Charlie formed the AERC I was one of the early members and over the years was an active rider until injuries forced me to back off.  In 1796 I was the head veterinarian for a portion of the Great American Horse Race until a few of us decided to break off and ride the Pony Express Trail into Sacramento.  That unique experience was a life changing event that has kept me active in the sport to this day.  It was also the birth of multiple day rides on historic trails.  As most of you know my wife Ann and I have been running the XP Rides for over 43 years.  Although our permanent home is in Alaska we spend much of the year in various places throughout the west with our XP friends and hope to continue that as long as our health holds out.