Christoph Schork

Christoph Schork has been involved with horses all his life. Dressage, Jumping, Ride and Ties and Endurance. in over 35 years he has accumulated over 37000 miles with over 400 individual wins and over 200 BC, both are AERC and world records. His career led him to competitions in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe; during these endeavors he won the Quilty, Gobi Desert Cup and twice the USA National Championship. He studied the endurance sport of other countries and learned a lot in the process.

Furthermore he is serving as a trainer, clinician and educator for hoof care professionals and endurance riders in the USA and abroad. He serves also as a member of the AERC BOD.

Why did he join WDRA? In his own words he says: “Over the last few years it became more and more obvious that the Endurance Community is splintering in different sections. or, stating it more bluntly, we are falling apart. Discontent within AERC is ever increasing, infighting is more common than ever, member numbers are falling and participation in all equestrian sports are on the decline. For many riders, endurance riding is not ‘funʼ anymore. Ride Managers are getting insulted, there are an ever increasing number of rules which are very often hard to follow. The FEI issues and the GPS measuring systems are just two areas of contention that literally are tearing AERC apart. I felt the necessity to create an umbrella western organization that treats all endurance organizations in this country without prejudice and with respect, giving ride managers more leeway and power and putting fun and enjoyment back into the sport. Back to our roots, I call it. WDRA is not competing with any other endurance organizations nor is it a sanctioning body. WDRA is a record keeping alliance. Therefore I am willing to serve on the WDRA Board, together with other well renowned riders, competitors ,superb athletes, ride managers and contributors to the sport. II want to contribute my part to the sport of endurance and help keeping this sport alive for future generations”.